Web 2.0 / Social Media Website Development

The Web 2.0 era, born around 2004, was the era where ‘interactivity’ became the key ingredient in websites. It was when web ventures, including Facebook and Twitter, realised web users loved the idea of generating their own content.

KAYWEB web developers are Web 2.0 experts, having developed social media websites and social media web 2.0 applications, allowing businesses and individuals to communicate with their customers.

KAYWEB Managing Director Haig Kayserian says:

“While social media websites like Facebook are all about visitors communicating with visitors, businesses soon realised that if they had a web 2.0 element within their own websites which allowed for user-generated content, they will have a direct communication path with customers.”

KAYWEB web strategists work with all clients to see where their business may benefit from website interactivity, or web 2.0 development.

If an avenue is found and agreed upon by the client, KAYWEB web developers build the social media web application, or web 2.0 web application, into the client’s website to allow for users to generate content.

Forms of Web 2.0 development or Social Media development in business websites include:

  • Company blogs, which allow users to
    comment on articles from company personnel;
  • Social media campaign, which encourages
    users to rate a product, design a product, etc;
  • Online competitions
  • Online polls;
  • Image sharing;
  • Content sharing;
  • Website forum;
  • and many more...