Mobile Application Development

With the rise of the iPhone, the Nexus (aka Google Phone or Android Phone) and the BlackBerry, mobile phone applications (or mobile apps)  have become increasingly useful tools for businesses trying to reach their customers.

KAYWEB mobile application developers create iPhone Apps, iPad Apps, Blackberry Apps and Google Android Apps for your business based on your business’ mobile business strategy.

KAYWEB mobile apps are custom-developed based on specific client needs, and they could serve a great number of purposes, including:

  • a game that relates to your business (e.g. if you are a fashion magazine, your iPhone app could be a quiz or crossword);
  • an informational tool (e.g. if you are in finance, it could be a mortgage calculator iPhone app that your customers download and use);
  • a job sheet submitter (e.g. if you are a cleaning company with contractors, your contractors can sign on and off using your iPhone app, which will assist you at contractor payment time);
  • and many more...

KAYWEB Managing Director Haig Kayserian says:

“There are very few businesses that would NOT benefit from having a mobile app. It means a part of your business will be living inside the phone of your customer. Is there a better way of constantly being in their ear? I think not.”

KAYWEB mobile application developers develop:

  • iPhone apps;
  • iPad apps;
  • Blackberry apps; and
  • Google Android apps or Google Nexus One apps.