Haig Kayserian

Managing Director

Haig Kayserian founded KayWeb in 2003 after graduating with a BA in Media and Communications from Sydney's Macquarie University.

He has since overseen the rise of his sole trader business to a national company with international clients.

Haig's expertise within the KayWeb team is Web Marketing. He is an APEX-Certified Website Marketing Consultant, and has helped many of his clients improve their rankings on search engines such as Google and Yahoo.


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Other facts about Haig Kayserian

Favourite Sport(s)

Football (Soccer), Rugby League

Favorite Movie(s)

Scarface, The Departed, Screamers

Favourite TV Show(s)

Underbelly, Q & A, House, West Wing, Seinfeld

Favourite Website(s)

www.theworldgame.com.au, www.digidirect.com.au, www.kayweb.com.au, www.google.com


"Always underpromise and overdeliver..."

- Rudy Giuliani (in his book Leadership)

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December 19, 2016

WhatsApp adds new features

WhatsApp has added new features in recent months, increasing the usability of the hugely popular messaging service for the app's over 1 billion users.The Facebook-owned company announced it now "lets you write, draw, and add emojis to photos and videos" (click here to read more), and then added the widely-expected video calling feature to its list of offerings (read more here).
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Amazon has completed its first package delivery by drone to a customer in Cambridge, UK. See video below:
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If you use Google Chrome as your preferred web browser (if you don't, you should... now!), you will appreciate a list of extensions published by Fast Company, which are designed to improve your productivity.Extensions that help you organise your tabs, your schedule, your battery usage... basically, your life... are covered in this handy article with links to mentioned extensions.Check it all out by clicking here.
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Google Apps includes a suite of very useful applications for business, and one of these applications is Slides - Google's superior answer to Microsoft Powerpoint and Apple Keynote.Q & A is a phenomenal new feature for those who give presentations using Slides, and for those who think of questions during said presentation.Click here to read the Google Announcement, and watch the video below.KAYWEB is a reseller of Google Apps.
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There are half a billion people who use Google Translate around the world. Now, the Google Translate mobile application can run on top of any other application, allowing you to translate on the go.Google announced a bunch of new features in its new Google Translate app release, and you can read it by CLICKING HERE.
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