Search Engine Optimization

KAYWEB’s search engine optimization (SEO) strategies cover all possible angles, and deliver clients outstanding search engine rankings for their desired keywords on search engines such as Google.

KAYWEB Founder & Director Haig Kayserian says:

“Google and fellow search engines provide more traffic to websites than any other source, therefore an effective Search Engine Presence means an effective web presence. That is, a high ranking on Google means a high volume of visitors to your website.”

The KAYWEB SEO (search engine optimization) plan includes:
  1. Competitor and Keywords analysis;
  2. On-site optimization of content, including additional page creation;
  3. Off-site link building, using directories and social networks; and
  4. Social media optimization (SMO), including strategies with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Blogs and more...

The KAYWEB SEO APPROACH has succeeded in delivering first page Google results for many satisfied KAYWEB clients.