Website Content

KAYWEB Founder & Director Haig Kayserian says:

“Content is king when it comes to websites. The information age created the internet and it was content that delivered the information. Today, the web is the single most significant source delivering customers to businesses. Customers search like mad, and it is your content that will determine whether you are who they find.”

KAYWEB, as web business strategists and web business consultants, create a website’s website content strategy after conducting key research we have access to:

  • KAYWEB researches actual data which shows what keywords are web users typing into search engines to find the product or service your business is selling or advertising;
  • KAYWEB researches your competitors for those keywords to determine why they rank highest when people search those keywords.

Using this information, KAYWEB recommends your page structure and website content strategy.

KAYWEB suggests the pages that need to be created and the website content that needs to grace those pages to ensure maximum penetration for those key search terms.

Once a website is live, KAYWEB’s search engine optimisation (SEO) team constantly review statistics from your website, your competitor websites and general search trends for your industry keywords, and we revise your website content as needs arise.