Kayweb CMS

KAYWEB Founder & Director Haig Kayserian says:

“My vision for KAYWEB from day one was to make the web easy for the non-technical people among us, myself included. KAYWEB CMS is a content management system that made that vision a reality.”

A content management system (CMS) is an admin area for website owners to enter and edit their website’s content. Some are very easy to use for non-technical people, others are more difficult.

KAYWEB CMS is built with the end-user in mind. It allows for non-technical website owners to log in to the content management system from wherever they are and make changes to their website.

They need no technical knowledge, with a working knowledge of Word or emails allowing all KAYWEB clients to effect real-time changes to their website using KAYWEB CMS.

KAYWEB CMS includes several CORE MODULES, which are relevant to most informational websites. These include:



Menu Order

Info Pages





Videos /




Contact Us

Image Gallery


Case Studies


KAYWEB CMS also includes several OPTIONAL MODULES, which are optional additions to client websites. These include:








The KAYWEB Systems team also creates CUSTOM MODULES which plug in to KAYWEB CMS for clients with specific needs.

KAYWEB has created custom KAYWEB CMS modules for clients in the real estate industry, automotive industry, pharmaceutical industry, direct selling industry, and others. Custom KAYWEB CMS modules developed include Online Directory Systems, Online Dating Administration Systems, Advanced Shopping Carts, Retailer Management Systems, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Systems, and others.

KAYWEB CMS uses a text editor to allow customers to format their page’s content with common features such as Bolding, Italicising, Underlining, Font Type selection, Font Size selection, Text Colour selection, Highlight Colour selection, adding Hyperlinks to other pages, etc.

For each page on KAYWEB CMS, clients are able to edit the Meta Title tag, Meta Description and Meta Keywords for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes.