Posted by: Haig Kayserian

The internet world looks forward to Mary Meeker's Internet Trends Report every year The 2017 version is here.

Meeker - a highly-regarded Kleiner-Perkins partner - touches on key trends including:
  • Voice over typing;
  • The growth of Netflix;
  • Slowing of smartphone growth;
  • Gaming and wearables also get a run...
You can see below to watch Meeker deliver her slideshow herself.

December 19, 2016

WhatsApp adds new features

Posted by: Haig Kayserian

WhatsApp has added new features in recent months, increasing the usability of the hugely popular messaging service for the app's over 1 billion users.

The Facebook-owned company announced it now "lets you write, draw, and add emojis to photos and videos" (click here to read more), and then added the widely-expected video calling feature to its list of offerings (read more here).

Posted by: Haig Kayserian

Amazon has completed its first package delivery by drone to a customer in Cambridge, UK. See video below: