Website Business Strategy

KAYWEB Founder & Director Haig Kayserian says:

“Every website business needs a website business strategy. It is not enough to say ‘I will build the next social networking website’ without assessing the marketplace, your competition, and identifying your potential points of difference. ‘Me too’ websites do not work. But websites offering the slightest thing ‘new’, like Facebook, Google and Twitter did, do work.”

A website business (or mobile business) is like any other business in that in needs a business plan and website business strategy (or mobile business strategy) with all the usual ‘bells and whistles’. However traditional business advisors are not necessarily the best qualified to deliver a web business plan due to a lack of real web business experience.

KAYWEB has worked with dozens of internet entrepreneurs on developing web business strategies (or mobile business strategies) that work. KAYWEB has also worked with businesses and government who wish to branch out into the web completely, with a new product, or with a new service offering. And KAYWEB has delivered these people an effective web business strategy.

KAYWEB helps formulate a web business strategy (or mobile business strategy), meeting with clients and offering advice and assistance on all web business aspects. KAYWEB web business strategy services include:

  • Market research, where we offer to go out into the field to deliver results including:
    • Competitor analysis;
    • feedback from potential customers; and
    • Comparative studies of similar websites;
  • Statistical analysis, where we tap into our resources and deliver:
    • Industry data; and
    • Consumer behavioural information;
  • Budgeting, where we put together a 1-3 year budget forecast for your web project based on the above results.
The above data forms part of a KAYWEB client’s web business strategy and web business plan. This web business plan allows KAYWEB project managers to draw up a project plan, which will set out timelines and targets to guide all parties until website launch.

KAYWEB Founder & Director Haig Kayserian says:

“A web business journey is usually a foreign one, even for the most experienced businessperson. KAYWEB is here to hold your hand and guide you until you and your web business is ready to fly solo.”