KAYWEB SEO - Keyword Analysis & Competitor Analysis

KAYWEB’s search engine optimization (SEO) activities begin with an up-front analysis of each SEO client’s relevant industry keywords.

The KAYWEB Marketing team first discusses with clients which keywords they feel are relevant to their respective industry (e.g. Qantas may feel ‘cheap domestic flights’ and ‘sydney melbourne flight’ are relevant keywords searchers may type in to Google).

KAYWEB uses advanced SEO tools and actual data from search engines like Google to return to clients a list of keywords worth targeting in their search engine optimization campaigns (e.g. KAYWEB’s research may tell Qantas that ‘sydney melbourne return’ and ‘Quantas’ [misspelt] are more relevant keywords than the ones Qantas initially thought of).

KAYWEB then identifies the top ‘keyword competitors’ for clients.

KAYWEB Managing Director Haig Kayserian says:

“A keyword competitor could be different to your business’ offline competitors. For example; an offline competitor of Harvey Norman is a rival electronics retailer like JB Hifi. But online, Harvey Norman may be competing against its own suppliers, like Samsung, for the keyword ‘lcd tvs’.”

The Keyword Analysis and Competitor Analysis is then used by the KAYWEB SEO team to plan the search engine optimization strategy for clients.