Blogs (or Web Logs) allow website owners, their staff or guest authors to post articles that range from opinions, comments, news, recipes, or anything else that is relevant to them or their business.

Blogs are also the widest-reaching form of articles a website owner can type, as there are many external websites that accept blog feeds. This expands the reach of content, enticing more visitors to a website.

KAYWEB CMS easily allows clients to add Bloggers (or Blog authors), Blog categories and Blogs (or Blog articles). Within each Blog, KAYWEB CMS clients are also able to add images, resize them and position them to where they wish. KAYWEB CMS clients are also able to embed videos from sources such as YouTube and Vimeo to their Blogs.

All Blogs created within KAYWEB CMS invites readers to Print/Email the blog, and/or Share the blog to their social networks on popular social networking websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and Google Buzz.

KAYWEB CMS also allows KAYWEB clients to invite comments on their Blog articles from visitors, then moderate those comments by choosing to enable or disable their inclusion at the bottom of a Blog article.

Visitors to KAYWEB CMS-powered websites are able to subscribe to the client’s RSS Blogs feed or the RSS Blogs Category feed of any specific category that interests them.