Web Hosting

KAYWEB Managing Director Haig Kayserian says:

“To guarantee our clients the best possible service, we must host their websites. But there is website hosting, and then there is website hosting. KAYWEB provides 99.95% uptime to all hosted clients, maximum speeds and immaculate service, because we host at quality Australian data centres and maintain our servers with quality server administrators. Clients hosted by KAYWEB feel safe.”

KAYWEB provides high-quality Australian-based web hosting to all clients.

All websites need web hosting and KAYWEB web hosting is high quality, safe and secure.

KAYWEB servers are based in the highest quality Australian data centres, shared with a major telecommunications company.

KAYWEB web hosting ensures clients’ websites 99.95% uptime, maximum security and multiple back-ups.

KAYWEB web hosting includes hosting of email addresses @yourdomain.com.au and statistics reporting.

KAYWEB web hosting packages are competitively priced, and guaranteed to please.