July 9, 2015

Use Gmail offline

Posted by: KAYWEB Staff

Did you know that you can use Gmail, even when you are offline?

KAYWEB has long been a Google Apps for Business authorised reseller, meaning we power many of our clients with Gmail as their email solution.

This has many added benefits, including Google's powerful suite of Apps [Pages, Sheets, Slides, thousands of others], but Gmail is definitely the flagship App used by many of our clients who are signed up to Google Apps for Business.

It means seamless email synchronisation across devices, affordable mass cloud-based storage, almost-always uptime, security, and much, much more.

Many struggle to move away from their desktop applications, such as Outlook and Apple Mail, because they are so used to it. But really, it means they are being left behind. Poor guys.

We find that many of our clients are not aware that, by using the Chrome browser, they can launch an Offline version of Gmail so they can search and read previously received emails, even if they don't have an active internet connection.

This makes the only perceived advantage of desktop solutions (such as Outlook and Apple Mail) redundant.

Here is how you do it:

Each user who wants to work offline must do the following to enable Offline Gmail:
  1. Click the Settings link in the top-right corner of Gmail.
  2. Click the Offline tab (available only if Offline is enabled for your domain).
  3. Select Enable Offline Mail for this computer.
  4. Click Save Changes and follow the directions from there.

It is awesome. Let us know when you are ready to usher in the new, cool world and switch to Google Apps for Business :)

December 17, 2014

Top Google searches for 2014

Posted by: Haig Kayserian

Search engine Google has revealed what we were all looking for most in 2014, after releasing its traditional "most searched" list.


The FIFA World Cup, held in Brazil, was unsurprisingly at the top. Malaysia Airlines, which had two disasters including a still-missing plane, was second. Rounding out the top three was actor Robin Williams, who tragically passed away.

For GLOBAL SEARCHES, see list below:

Posted by: Haig Kayserian