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Web Portal for top research firm

Website adress: http://cio.telsyte.com.au

KAYWEB was approached by Australia’s leading independent emerging technology analyst firm, Telsyte to develop an online portal where they can post a variety of documents and allow different users to be able to login and download.

Telsyte delivers strategic market intelligence, advisory services and market research reports in the technology sector to business and government.

The online portal they required was an application which would allow Telsyte analysts to post various reports, in the shape of documents, and allow different users to be able to login and download these forms. It was also intended to empower Telsyte's clients to monitor the usage of their subscription by employees.

After several in-person and remote consultation sessions, our Management team understood the strategy and developed a scope for the web portal.

This was followed by a mock-up design phase, which included the rough layout of each of the pages the portal will have, incorporating all the application's intended features. This helped our KAYWEB team achieve the look and feel Telsyte desired, as well as all the possible fields needed for the front-end and Content Management System (the admin area which would be a module of KAYWEB's proprietary and powerful, KAYWEB CMS).

Telsyte presented an issue where their clients needed to be constantly updated with report documents that match their specific needs. After internal discussions with Management and our Tech team, KAYWEB came up with a perfect solution: the website would allow users to be notified via email when a particular document matched a selection of filters on their profile. The selections were by stream, keyword, analyst and document, ensuring that whenever a new or modified document was uploaded, the system would trigger the notifications to the users who matched that report.

As clients of Telsyte would pay for the right to use this system, an advanced reporting module was required to be able to show the client that they were receiving a return on investment. The four different templates that resulted ensured KAYWEB nailed an important component of this project.

Also, KAYWEB developed the custom KAYWEB CMS module for Telsyte, allowing for the easy creation of client accounts, the easy addition of report documents, and ease of access to reporting.

Post-development of the above, KAYWEB and Telsyte tested the product extensively to ensure its readiness for launch.

This Telsyte assignment allowed us to work with an innovative client - a market leader in their industry - and develop what we love to develop: highly customized web applications to automate processes for businesses.