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When off-the-shelf will not do

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One of the services provided at KAYWEB is the development of custom web applications and software for businesses with special needs.

Off-the-shelf software or template applications serve their purpose, however many businesses require very specific functions from their systems to ensure the maximum levels of automation and productivity.

KAYWEB client Australian Custom Pharmaceuticals - the biggest compound pharmaceutical company in Australia - had the foresight to see the perils of fast growth at their Sydney headquarters and approached KAYWEB in 2009 asking for a custom-built system to automate their workflow.

At that point, the company used various off-the-shelf systems and manual processes they had developed over many years to perform functions such as accept and manage customer orders, calculate formulas, manufacture (or compound) medication, dispense medication and send medication to customers.

KAYWEB, with our business analysts, assessed the needs of the company and worked with Australian Custom Pharmaceuticals' operations staff to architect a technical solution to automate these processes and minimise any human error concerns experienced by pharmacists in the compounding industry.

The KAYWEB Pharm System is a synchronised platform of custom-built web applications and desktop software, which performs all these functions in the most efficient of manners. The system is also powered by a web service that communicates with third-party companies that do business with Australian Custom Pharmaceuticals, as well as courier companies, to ensure the most efficient method of dispatch.

The system complies with all government standards, which is a necessity when dealing with pharmaceuticals and patients.

Three of the five phases of this system have already been rolled out at Australian Custom Pharmaceuticals, and when complete, it will further stamp the competitive advantage of the company that was built by company Owner Darryl Knowles.

Sometimes, off-the-shelf software will not achieve this, which is why we here at KAYWEB provide this custom service to all clients.

Please see video profile of Australian Custom Pharmaceuticals below, which includes (from 5:05) a small description of the KAYWEB-built system by clicking here.