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Google Apps for KAYWEB client

Website adress: http://www.kayweb.com.au/news/General/KAYWEB-approved-as-Google-Apps-Authorized-Reseller

Google Apps offers an affordable way for businesses to move into the 'cloud' and collaborate with customised Gmail for Email, Google Docs for documents, spreadsheets and presentations, Google Talk for chat, as well as many other services from Google's industry-leading Labs.

Since becoming Google Apps Authorized Resellers, KAYWEB has implemented Google Apps as the "email plus more" solution for a number of clients. Among these have been Sydney Special Vehicles, digiDIRECT.com.au and HYECORP Property Group.

We will use digiDIRECT.com.au for the purpose of this case study.

The company's Managing Director approached KAYWEB, stating they were growing staff members every day, and were thinking of going from their Microsoft Outlook POP 3 solution to Microsoft Exchange. They wanted to be able to access their emails from multiple places and, regardless of location, to receive Outlook-like capability.

They also wanted to synchronise all emails, appointments and contacts on their Blackberry mobile devices.

We explained the Microsoft Exchange option and the associated licensing costs for space required. We also introduced Google Apps as an alternative. We showed the advantages of Gmail, the added advantages of Google Docs, Talk, etc., and the implementation and maintenance costs.

digiDIRECT.com.au decided that they "will give it a go", as the ongoing cost was only US$50 per mailbox per year for a massive 25GB of space each person, hosted by Google - one of the world's largest hosts online.

KAYWEB attended digiDIRECT.com.au locations and offices, and used clever tools made by Google to import all Outlook emails to Gmail, then launched Gmail as digiDIRECT.com.au's email solution.

Those who preferred using Microsoft Outlook in the office, we created a new Outlook account and they continued business as usual. But when they went home, they were able to log in at a URL and see all received, sent, deleted emails, Contacts and Calendar items. Moreover, those emails read were marked read, unread were unread, and all folders from Outlook were on the web version. Flagged items even appeared as starred.

On their mobiles, everything was also synchronised!

digiDIRECT.com.au still only uses Google Apps for email, but will soon begin using Docs, Talk and other solutions as the business continues to grow.

Google Apps integration is seamless, and it can be used by companies regardless of size.

The video below is Google Australia-produced, which shows Google Apps as a solution for corporate giant Flight Centre. Enjoy!