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Website adress: http://www.sustain450.com.au

David Burns is a fascinating individual.

An Analytical Chemist by profession, he has already registered entrepreneurial success as a co-founder of a Chemical Testing laboratory business which dominated its market segment in Australia before selling off to a multi-national.

David Burns' passion is for the environment. This well-to-do guy is a WIRES volunteer, a keen surfer, and appreciates everything outdoors more than the regular person.

He built his beachside luxury home, which is recognised by his and other Municipalities as the most sustainable luxury dwelling they have ever seen. A prototype for the ideal green home.

David Burns wanted to share his knowledge, making people and businesses aware that sustainable living does not necessary mean giving up on luxury or giving up profits. That sustainable living is enjoying all those things, except with a clearer conscience.

He approached KAYWEB, wanting advice on how he can use the web to better promote his Sustainability Advisory business, Sustain450 Pty Limited.

KAYWEB realised that one of the most appealing components of this business to potential customers would be its owner, David Burns, who has practiced what he is now preaching, and is a lovable character and model Australian.

Thus the design of www.sustain450.com.au focuses on David Burns and his Sustain450 brand as one and the same.

His very active blog features on his homepage, showing visitors that David Burns is a leading thinker on all things Sustainable - including lifestyle choices, business practice and political policy.

An image slideshow of his family home is also accessible to users, displaying that luxury does not have to be compromised if one is to act for the environment.

David Burns also developed a SUSTAINABILITY FOOTPRINT formula, and on the relevant page on his website, visitors can select their Consumer Choices - from building supplies to a pair of socks - and receive an eco-friendly rating.

Furthermore, a potential monetisation strategy ensues, where people who make their eco-friendly choices are led to details of their local service or product providers. Essentially, a Sustainable Service Providers directory.

The website is also positively littered with informational pages explaining many issues David Burns covers when delivering Sustainability advice.

www.sustain450.com.au has helped advertise David Burns, and helped raise his profile to a deserved level of respect as a leading Sustainability Advisor to businesses and individuals in Australia.