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Responsive Web Design for digiDIRECT.com.au

Website adress: http://www.digidirect.com.au

Rewind a few years ... not many of us viewed websites on mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets. Therefore websites were not built to be fit for viewing on various size screens.

Responsive Web Design is how web design has changed to adapt to multi-browser size viewing of websites.

Responsive Web Design (or RWD) is a technique used to attain and provide clients with an easy to use and well designed website across different computer platforms (i.e. viewing the website from a desktop, phone or tablet).

Technically, Responsive Web Design aims to reduce scrolling, panning and resizing by utilising the new CSS3 (Cascading Style Sheets ver.3) standard, which allows querying a device for its characteristics to determine how the website should be presented. This provides a more intuitive and easy to use website.

This basically results in Responsive Web Designed websites which cater for visitors using any browser, including mobile phone browsers like the iPhone, tablet browser like the iPad and desktop browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

We at KAYWEB have been building responsive websites, using the Responsive Web Design techniques, for the last 12 months.

Recently, we re-designed one of our key ecommerce client's website to a new Responsive Web Design.

If you view any and all pages of digiDIRECT.com.au on your desktop, tablet and phone, you will see 3 different versions of the same design - each providing perfect usability for the respective environment in which the website is being viewed.

The short video below shows how the digiDIRECT website homepage responds as we adjust the window width of our browser, showing Responsive Web Design in action.

As opposed to mobile websites, Responsive Websites use the same domain name regardless of the version you are viewing (i.e. you won't see the URL change to m.domain.com when viewing on mobile or touch.domain.com when viewing on a tablet device).

This also means it is one single website. Therefore, KAYWEB clients can use KAYWEB CMS (our easy-to-use content management system) to change content on all versions of the responsive website with the one action (i.e. no double-entry of content).

With studies showing that mobile devices are growing in vastly in number, there are currently 74.1 million tablet users and analysts predicting mobile computers usage (tablets and phones) will grow by 15 to 20 percent, by joining digiDIRECT in using Responsive Web Design you will be able to access a larger channel of your consumer base.

Since going responsive, digiDIRECT.com.au sales via mobile phones and tablets have significantly increased.