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Ferg HSC registration process

Website adress: http://www.ferghsc.com.au

KAYWEB client Ferg HSC - HSC tutoring and e-learning business - reported that despite a good number of website visits, their conversion rate was low.

KAYWEB Managing Director Haig Kayserian studied the statistical movements of visitors to the Ferg HSC website and they quickly learned that certain sections of the registration process was leading to a high number of website exits.

KAYWEB suggested the registration process be refined and became architect of a new process, more simplified and designed to deliver more conversions from the high number of visitors accessing the Ferg HSC website.

The process designs were refined after the client reviewed, and an ALPHA and BETA tests by regular users of the Ferg HSC online tutoring service led to even further refinements.

KAYWEB launched the new registration phase in May and is viewable by clicking here.

Early signs suggest a greater number of conversions by Ferg HSC staff, who have stated that this review is expected to have a significant positive impact on their business in the lead-up to a busy second half of 2010.