Our Work

SEO for Sydney Special Vehicles

Website adress: http://www.ssv.com.au

Sydney Special Vehicles, aka SSV, was one of KAYWEB's first-ever website clients, with owner Steve White having us build his business a website which catered for his car customisation parts business customers five years ago.

The website has a rich series of custom modules built into the back-end, allowing the folk at SSV to manage their inventory, customers, orders and more.

A key reason to redevelop SSV all those years ago was to show the business and its offerings off to a wider audience, as the company delivers its car parts Australia-wide. 

As such, the website was built with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in mind, and Sydney Special Vehicles has been a SEO client of KAYWEB since the word go.

KAYWEB targeted for SSV a series of important industry keywords their potential clients were likely to type into Google and other search engines to find the products and services SSV offers.

Among these keywords are:

  • body kits
  • bonnet scoops
  • car customising parts
  • car parts
  • exhaust tips
  • mag wheels
  • rear wings
  • sports steering wheels

For all the above keywords and over a dozen others, KAYWEB has helped achieve page 1 results placing for Google Australia and all major search engines.

Our strategy was, and always has been for all clients, white hat. This means legitimate. SSV had the right intentions when beginning SEO. It had the products, and wanted to be ranked high to provide people with access to these products from its online store.

KAYWEB built pages for each product category and ensured the inclusion of the targeted keywords into these pages in a legible, yet repetitive, manner. These keywords were also placed into all relevant meta data for the website pages.

Then KAYWEB embarked, and continues to embark, on a link-building campaign. We submit SSV's website link (www.ssv.com.au) with an accurate description of what they do on automotive-related directories, other directories and websites of parts suppliers to SSV, etcetera.

The on-page and off-page search engine optimisation (SEO) explained in the previous two paragraphs details how KAYWEB has helped achieve magnificent SEO success for Sydney Special Vehicles.

Also critical in SEO is persistence. Getting to the top is hard, but staying at the top is even harder. SSV has never stopped optimising, thus remains an optimised website to all major search engines, led by Google.