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The digiDIRECT redesign

Website adress: http://www.digidirect.com.au

KAYWEB foundation client digiDIRECT.com.au celebrated its 5th year online with record sales.

Reviewing its market segments, which include digital cameras, SLR cameras and video cameras, statistics and correspondence showed that digiDIRECT.com.au was attracting more professional camera enthusiasts than ever before.

digiDIRECT.com.au had earned an industry reputation as the ecommerce website where you can buy a reliable digital SLR camera, with an Australian warranty, at an affordable price.

In a meeting with KAYWEB Managing Director and Internet Business Consultant Haig Kayserian, digiDIRECT.com.au management discussed this reality and decided on a marketing plan which will continue to sell the business as a digital camera specialist.

Part of this marketing plan was a website redesign.

The new homepage is the key result. Click here to see.

Visitors are greeted with a large display of billboard ads, which slide-by-slide displays key products on offer at digiDIRECT.com.au. The leaning of the products on display within this billboard is to professional SLR Cameras.

Immediately above this, KAYWEB placed the Canon Professional Photo Dealer badge and the Nikon Australia Authorised Reseller badge to display the credibility of digiDIRECT.com.au to the more professional consumer.

Down the left of the homepage appears the latest Blogs and News, which are often updates of popular professional camera products or information about professional photography events.

The Blogs and News, which are constantly updated, shows the professional consumer that digiDIRECT.com.au is an active and credible business with real experts in the field of digital cameras.

And finally, the addition of Facebook and Twitter widgets, which beams the latest Facebook and Twitter updates from the digiDIRECT.com.au team, shows visitors that digiDIRECT.com.au is current, social and interactive with all its customers and supporters.

The new redesign has resulted in increased business for digiDIRECT.com.au.