Web Applications

KAYWEB have developed many online web applications over the years.

From developing a complex CMS to manage your website to more advanced CRM and Pos Sytems

Web App Development

Interactivity plays a major role in todays website for gathering information from your users.

Developing a Custom Web Application can be very beneficial as the possibilities to what it can do are endless.

KAYWEB can develop any kind of online application for your website.

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A CMS (content management system) is what powers websites. It's an online system that allows you to edit your website in real time - So as soon as you hit that 'Update button' your customers will see your changes instantly.

This allows you to edit your website 24/7 and saves you time of having to ring your web developers every time you want to make a change!

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Custom CMS Modules

As mentioned above a CMS powers your website for all your content. KAYWEB can develop custom modules to integrate into our systems. What we mean by this is that if there is a complex module that is out of the ordinary to a normal website - we can design and develop the module and integrate it into the existing CMS which means you only ever have to use one system!

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KAYWEB design and develop POS systems to bring them into the 21st century and ensure that the latest technologies are being used to ensure maximum potential for the system.

We can develop a custom designed POS for your company to increase your productivity.

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CRM (customer relationship management system) is a web-based system that allows the integration of a variety of different information to help organise and increase productivity

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KAYWEB Competition Manager

If you have ever wanted to run an online competition for your website such as a voting system, photo upload or any other online based competition, KAYWEB can help you design and develop the custom competition.

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API Integrations

There are many software applications on the web that offer API integration to connect with other systems.

KAYWEB have extensive knowledge on API integration and can implement any third part API into our existing KAYWEB systems.

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