Web Design

KAYWEB Web Designers are award winning Web Designers acknowledged by independent bodies, including the Australian Web Designers Network.

KAYWEB provides high level Web Design services in Sydney (Sydney Web Design office details), Melbourne (Melbourne Web Design office details), New York (NYC) (New York Web Design office details) and Manila (Manila Web Design office details) as well as throughout the rest of World via direct representatives.

"KAYWEB does not use ready-made Web Design templates; rather we custom design the ‘look and feel’ of client websites to their absolute and guaranteed satisfaction. KAYWEB does not limit Web Design revisions, ensuring the end Web Design is to the absolute satisfaction of KAYWEB clients."

“Our policy in Web Design is ‘client satisfaction... guaranteed’. We will not stop designing until our clients start smiling, telling us we have achieved their desired ‘look’ for their website.”

The KAYWEB Web Design process works as follows:

  • client advises KAYWEB of Web Design colour choices and provides KAYWEB with their logo (if available) to include in the Web Design;
  • client tells KAYWEB of any Web Designs they like or dislike to give KAYWEB an insight on their personal tastes and how to construct their Web Designs;
  • KAYWEB Web Designer comes up with two custom Web Designs for the client;
  • client assesses the Web Designs and advises if they like/dislike the Web Design, or what they wish to change for the following set of Web Design revisions;
  • KAYWEB Web Designer comes up with two further custom Web Designs for the client based on their advice;
  • client agrees with one web design, or asks for more revisions;
  • if agreed, the Web Design process is complete, while if not agreed, KAYWEB Web Designer will come up with as many Web Design revisions as necessary to receive approval and end the Web Design process to the client’s satisfaction.

While designing the website, KAYWEB ensures the client is always referring to the Website Business Strategy to ensure all of its advice is catered for, particularly with relation to market requirements and future web marketing or search engine optimisation (SEO) requirements.

If you would like some more information on Web Design, please contact us today on 1300 793 646

Or please email your Web Design questions to info@kayweb.com.au