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At KayWeb, we are all about guiding clients to embrace what is good on the web to advance their business.


Recently I blogged about Twitter. That despite Facebook being the best social networking ticket for individuals, the benefits of Twitter far outweigh those of Facebook when it comes to business.


The chief reason is that while Facebook pages are private to non-members, Twitter pages are public. Both are very popular websites, but by being public, there is greater chance your business will be exposed by Twitter to a wide audience.


Further, a link to your business website, blog, etc posted on Twitter, and clicked through from Twitter, will win you kudos with search engines like Google and Bing.

Here are my top 5 tips to get you and your business tweeting effectively:


  1. Create account

    You have to be in it to benefit. Go to and take the 5-10 minutes to register, add a picture and dress up your background.

  2. Follow people

    Use Twitter's search feature to follow businesses and individuals that may be interested in your business' services or products, with the hope that you following them will entice them to follow you back.

    Also follow friends, as they will more certainly follow you back. Then their friends will see that you are being followed by someone they like, and thus, your network of followers begins to grow.

  3. Be interesting

    The point of someone following you is because they want to read your status updates. Each status update is a micro blog post by you. This means you only have 140 characters to relay your thoughts, pitch, etc.

    Make those 140 characters as interesting as possible, or you will notice your legion of followers will end up dwindling.

    Smart ways of being interesting is by being short, including interesting links in tweets, including Twitpics in tweets, etc.

  4. Link, link, link

    Include links to your business blog, website, etc as often as possible. People clicking through may end up clients/customers to you and search engines like Google will notice that a popular website like Twitter is linking people to your website! Kudos to you...

  5. Take part in Trending Topics

    Trending Topics appear on the right side of your Twitter page, and they include topics that people are tweeting about most on Twitter at that particular moment. EG: Iran Elections and Michael Jackson most recently.

    You can identify trending topics and attract people to your post by including the relevant hashtag. Click here for more information on Twitter Hashtags.


Now, I hope you enjoy your Twitter experience. The above is enough to get you started.


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