NEW YORK: KAYWEB Founder and Internet Business Consultant Haig Kayserian moderated a panel titled 'International Perspectives on Smartphone Gaming' at the Socialize conference in New York City last week.

The conference was themed Monetizing Social Media, and organizers Media Bistro brought together experts of the web and mobile industry from around the world.

The panel Kayserian mediated gave the audience, made up of C-level executives, entrepreneurs, startups, marketers and developers, insight on the burgeoning mobile gaming industry.

One of the most tweeted quote of the conference was the statistic Kayserian quoted that "over 220 million minutes a day is spent by people playing Angry Birds". He said "this means the equivalent of 384 years is wasted every day by people launching birds into pigs, hoping to blow them up and wipe the smiles off their fat faces".

The panel, which included superstars of the mobile gaming world from Silicon Valley California, Japan, China and Germany, revealed the importance of an international strategy when creating a mobile game, how to build games easily for multiple platforms, how to take games viral to maximize downloads and users, how to monetize mobile games, and how to best use mobile games for brand marketing.

The panel also revealed their thoughts on upcoming smartphone gaming trends and their thoughts on the future of consoles, which was bleak to say to the least.

Socialize drew over 500 attendees each day to the conference, which was held at The New Yorker Hotel in Manhattan.

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