NEW YORK: KAYWEB Founder Haig Kayserian, an Internet and Mobile Business Consultant, will be presenting at Socialize New York - Monetizing Social Media.

Socialize is organized by the Social Times, Media Bistro and AllFacebook, and its aim is to "unite business leaders in gaming, virtual goods, mobile, marketing, and media for two days of learning, connecting, and sharing about all things social".

Kayserian, who is temporarily relocating from Sydney to New York to expand his Australian company KAYWEB's recently-formed U.S. arm, will be moderating an expert panel discussing 'International Perspectives on Smartphone Games' on Thursday March 31.

The panel will include Kayserian, Boku VP of Business Development Kurt Davis, CEO of Shutaro Hanzawa, Founder of Sibblingz Ben Savage and Chief Revenue Officer of SponsorPay Janis Zech.

"The much-vaunted 'mobile era' is now definitively upon us thanks to the spread of smartphones into the hands of millions of consumers," Kayserian said. "Arguably the industry benefiting most from this spread is Smartphone Gaming."

"Smartphone Gaming has become a very serious business sector, which has seen entrepreneur gaming developers share platforms and multi-million dollar profits with some of the world's biggest games developers."

Kayserian added: "I am excited to be joined by international industry experts on this Socialize panel and am sure our topic will make for some interesting discussion."

Apple famously claimed last year that the iPhone and iPod Touch have "sold over 1.5 billion games" becoming the "largest gaming platform in the world". There are countless stories of developers reporting multi-million dollar monthly sales of their $1 or $2 iPhone or Android games.

Socialize will be held on March 31 and April 1 at The New Yorker Hotel, New York City. Friends of KAYWEB are entitled to 15% off ticket prices. Please use ID code SZSPKR and click here to buy Socialize New York tickets.

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