NEW YORK, NY: Cafrino, a KAYWEB Angels portfolio start-up that has designed a legal way to get real-money US poker players back online, has launched and is accepting registrations for their first tournament this Tuesday.

The tournament, which has a cash prize pool of $1,000, has been endorsed by World Series of Poker Champion Michael Linn, and is expected to attract United States online poker players back to the web in droves.

“Thousands of poker players have come out of hibernation to pre-register for, signalling a shift from the offline world of casinos and neighborhood games back to the web,” Cafrino CEO Jonathan Aiwazian said.

“Since the 2011 US government shut-down of the most popular poker sites for illegal practices, the US has been without a serious online poker presence.”

Aiwazian added: “When Chris Moneymaker won the 2003 World Series of Poker and showed that anyone could learn the game and win, the world was swept up in the magic of poker. is about answering the public’s call by bringing poker back to the masses in a legal, secure way.”

So what does do differently from poker sites that have been shut down?

The answer lies in the company’s unique method of generating prize pools for winners. Traditional poker sites use buy-ins for formulating prize pools, in clear violation of US gambling law. tournaments, on the other hand, are sponsored, with the winners receiving the lion’s share of accumulated advertising revenue.

Aiwazian explained: “No deposits means no gambling, but Cafrino prize pools do not suffer as a result.”

KAYWEB Angels CEO Haig Kayserian, whose group invested in by becoming the company’s technical co-founder, said he was delighted with the launch of one of the angel group’s “prized assets”.

“We expect to revolutionize poker in the United States,” Kayserian said. “We are delighted to be associated with such a promising company and product.”

While Cafrino has announced a $1,000 prize pool for its launch tournament on Tuesday, other tournaments are expected to hit the $5,000, and even $10,000. Games will constantly be running on from Tuesday’s launch onwards.

Aiwazian added: “ plans to eventually deliver a massive prize of over $1.5 million. A new era in online poker has begun.”

Cafrino asks players who are interested in Tuesday's tournament, which will be played at 9PM EST, to head over to and register for the ‘$1,000 Guaranteed Launch Tournament’.


About Cafrino: is a US-only, legal, real-money online poker destination for the over 15 million players who, since the government shutdown of illegal poker sites last year, have lacked a secure way to play poker online. Using a unique model of pooling advertising revenue from tournament sponsors, Cafrino is able to have cash prize pools in the thousands of dollars while being 100% free-to-play and never taking money from players in any form. Cafrino is a portfolio company of KAYWEB Angels.

About KAYWEB Angels:

KAYWEB Angels, LLC is an angel investment company based in New York City, providing development services and mentoring to web and mobile start-up businesses in exchange for co-founder equity.  The company was formed in 2011 in recognition of the need for engineers (technical partners/co-founders) that exists in New York’s entrepreneurial tech market.

Contact: John Buckman, GM | KAYWEB Angels | (212) 653-0950 | |

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