NEW YORK: A new angel investment group has formed in New York City, pledging to solve the engineering talent crisis of the city by offering considerable development resources to web and mobile startups in exchange for equity.

KAYWEB Angels, LLC is majority owned by KAYWEB, LLC, which is a web and mobile application development company with staff in the United States, Australia and the Philippines. In these countries, KAYWEB has delivered over 150 websites, web applications and mobile applications covering complex verticals including real estate listings, online dating, social networking, CRM and others.

KAYWEB Angels Founder and CEO Haig Kayserian says this investment group is ready to reward great ideas with development services that are hard to reach in New York and the United States in general.

"We refer to ourselves as 'angel developers'," said Kayserian, who founded the KAYWEB development firm in Australia seven years ago and guided its growth into a leading international web and mobile solutions provider.

He added: "We realize that New York is historically a hub for great ideas, but suffers from a shortage of engineering talent. We will provide that talent and our considerable network of resources to entrepreneurs who can convince us that their startup concept is great. We will then join them on their journeys as co-founders."

The KAYWEB Angels board of directors are great assets to the organization, and the startups that are chosen for investment.

KAYWEB Angels Board (L to R): Haig Kayserian, Sidney Minassian, Shant Soghomonian, Foad Fadaghi and John Buckman

Sidney Minassian is CEO of GrowthQ, a Silicon Valley-based consultancy helping startups launch, monetize and grow. Shant Soghomonian is an executive at VMware, with over 12 years of IT sales, management and leadership experience in Asia, the Pacific and Japan. Foad Fadaghi, formerly with Friendster, brings over 15 years of experience in technology research and consulting. John Buckman is a corporate attorney and the founder of Buckman Group - Corporate Counsel, whose specialty is startups.

Minassian, who launched his previous startup Liaise at DEMO in 2009 and won the People's Choice Award and the peak marketing prize, commented: "It's great to be part of the team and I am looking forward to working with all our portfolio CEOs and launching some awesome companies."

KAYWEB Angels currently has three New York projects as active investments and is inviting applicants to submit their ideas at

Kayserian said: "We will look to take in two more investments by the end of July 2011 in order to take our total number to five. Then we will invite applications once every quarter."

Follow KAYWEB Angels on Twitter @KAYWEB_Angels and on LinkedIn at, like the company on Facebook at, or visit the website at

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Lisa Giragossian

I'm delighted about your news ! You all truly earned this success. Haig you deserve a round of applause for a job well done.

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