NEW YORK: Internet startups seeking investment from New York's KAYWEB Angels have until October 31, 2012 to submit their applications for Fall consideration.

KAYWEB Angels, who provide development services and mentoring in exchange for equity, already have eight portfolio companies on their books and are expecting to add to that number before the end of the year.

KAYWEB Angels CEO Haig Kayserian said his Board has "already received over 200 applications since Spring", when they invested in PicturPass and busEasy.

A selection from those 200-plus submissions, as well as from those that will be submitted between now and the October 31 deadline, will be invited to "pitch in person" to KAYWEB Angels in November, and offers will be made to those deemed to be the best.

KAYWEB Angels General Manager John Buckman said that the "quality of applications are higher each investment round" and he is "excited about the selection process ahead" after the final applications are submitted.

Visit and click APPLY to begin the application process with an online submission.

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