NEW YORK: KAYWEB Founder Haig Kayserian will be contributing articles to one of the most popular social media blogs in the world, Social Times. is an internet giant, and attracts over millions of unique visitors per month.

Social Times provides news about all things web, and has acquired the services of Kayserian - a former journalist and now tech angel investor with KAYWEB Angels, LLC - to contribute a few articles per week, advising startups in the world of the social web.

"I have always been passionate about writing, and Social Times has provided me with the opportunity to blog about my business area of expertise to a wide audience," said Kayserian.

"I am excited to be able to bring to the web some of the day-to-day advice I provide to startups working with us at KAYWEB Angels."

Click here for Haig Kayserian's profile on Social Times and click here to read his first article contribution.

His second article, titled Cosmo Kramer Saw Facebook Potential - A Lesson for Entrepreneurs, is available by clicking here.

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