November 26, 2008

Logo design... the basics

Posted by: Michael Arnold Gabuya

One of the hardest parts of graphic design whilst creating a website is the logo design. It is often very hard to create an image that truly represents a company, but if we keep certain factors in mind graphic designers can normally create a suitable design.


Symbolism: Is there a symbol that represents the companies core trade? Like a house for real estate agents or a flower for a florists?


Abstraction: An abstract shape could represent the companies core trade. Like a real estate agent could use a block shape to signal stability or a florist could use a circular shape that represents a friendlier signal.


Colour: Colours can be used to signal emotional responses. For instance, the colour red is associated with fertility, birth, danger, strengh, love and passion. The colour green is asociated with nature, health, cheerfulness, environment, money. Lighter shades of colours can be used to draw the eye away and brighter colours to draw the eye in.


Minimalism: Less is most certainly more when designing a logo as the most successful logos are simple and, most importantly, easy to remember. Think of Nike, McDonald's, Coca-Cola.


Typography: The fonts used for any lettering should also represent the brand. For instance, serif fonts signal a more traditional feel, whilst san serif fonts have a modern feel. A unique font can also make you stand out from the crowd. For instance, the Coca Cola font or IBM.


Texture: Add some dynamism by adding a texture. For instance, a wood grain for a health product or a scratched and rough stone effect for a builder. Adding another dimension to your logo can give it an edge and bring it out of the web page, a 3d edge adds an angle and is often used to infuse a modern connatation.


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