KAYWEB CMS - Newsletter

The KAYWEB CMS Newsletter module provides a unique way for website owners to deliver the most important information on their website, together with their important messages, to thousands of subscribers with the click of a button.

Clients can add their most important message via text, a picture, etc at the top of a carefully designed newsletter which includes links to key pages of a client’s website.

Then clients can import certain information from their website into the newsletter, and this can include News, Blogs, Projects, etc.

KAYWEB CMS allows clients to construct these newsletters easily, then send it to their database.

Contacts can be imported into KAYWEB CMS via spreadsheets, while whoever signs up to a newsletter on the website will automatically enter the database. Contacts can be categorised, allowing certain groups contacts to receive information that others may not be privy to.

KAYWEB CMS automatically schedules the sending of newsletters in blocks of 1000 at a time.

Clients are then able to view a basic set of newsletter statistics, including:

  • how many emails sent;
  • how many viewed; and
  • how many click throughs from email to website.